Delivering CONSISTENCY for over 50 years

Our experience has taught us that the most important things to ensure are the quality of consistency and the consistency of quality. That might be easy for us to say, we’ve been doing it for over 50 years from schools and local councils to universities and national stadiums.

We are an established company with strategically located regional offices to provide our clients with market leading service during the Design, Build and Operation of your invested facility. Our commitment to continual investment in new technologies and our own heavy plant machinery and equipment, which is serviced and maintained in house, means it is always available and fit for purpose when required, so that projects are delivered on time and on specification. At our company’s core are our ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 quality, environmental and health and safety policies. They define how our business operates. This is how we evidence to New and Existing Clients that we operate a fully responsible, transparent, efficient and accountable company.

We are recognised by the FIH, as a Certified Field Builder. One of the limited number of FIH Certified Builders in the UK and Ireland. Furthermore we are a certified member of SAPCA and selected as one of the finalists for best 2020 project in the UK and Ireland. We are proud to be accredited by the IOG, ALCI and STRI for our excellence in the provision of Natural Turf Pitches.

TPS grounds services

1. Design

With life cycle costing, we ensure value for money and remove any potential risk to your investment from the moment we are commissioned to your project. 

2. Earthworks

Our highly trained staff and dependable in-house plant and machinery helps to ensure that the topsoil and subsoil removal process is efficient and to exacting tolerances. 

3. Drainage

Fundamental to any sports pitch construction is the installation of an appropriate drainage system to ensure  the pitch remains in a playable condition with whatever nature throws at it. We install over 60,000m2 of drainage per year to ensure our commissioned pitches drain adequately. 


The sub-base is a critical layer in every sports pitch construction. It is essentially the foundation which is required to transmit a load from the surface down to the sub-soil formation layer. Our engineers continually check flatness and test the sub-soil for bearing capacity and this is repeated on every subsequent layer to ensure a solid foundation and longevity of the pitch system. Furthermore we create specifically tailored designs to suit the ground conditions at every site.

5. Artifical Turf

We only use FIFA, World Rugby and FIH Preferred Producer Turf Systems to ensure our clients receive the very best quality, performance and longevity. Every year we install over 120,000 square metres of sports surfaces to meeting Global Sports Governing Body Specification standards.

6. Ancillaries

Because we offer a complete construction service, from pavillion buildings and changing rooms, to SUDS and ball stop fencing systems, flood lighting systems, retaining walls and car parks, you can be sure your investment is in safe hands and constructed in accordance with BS and EN Building codes.

Synthetic turf

Synthetic turf is suitable for more (all weather) training while greatly reducing ground maintenance costs. Life cycle costing and performance is the core focus of our synthetic products. We are constantly pushing the capabilities of these grounds with innovative surface materials. Our wide range of infill options provide additional safety protection for athletes at every stage in their sporting careers. Research and Development in recent years has helped us improve traction on our surfaces to allow for greater agile mobility at critical moments of acceleration and change in sprint direction, reduceing the damage to fast-twitch muscle fibres and helping atheletes avoid injury while pushing their game further.

Image of football players

Natural turf

Natural turf is the foundation of our business. The game has evolved exponentially ever since we started installing pitches over 50 years ago, the perfect real grass remains the choice of coaches, players and groundskeepers.

Utilising our techniques for improved resilience and site-specific soil profile design, we can deliver the highest calibre of pitch surfaces. We also ensure longevity through our innovative irrigation systems along with our commitment to maintenance through renovation programmes.

Part of this long-term use can include planting hybrid grass systems for high-impact areas such as goal mouths. Natural pitches will always provide a firm cushioning for players, but we refuse to settle when we know that we can push sport further. Our surface solutions can reduce the chance of injury, allowing your athletes to train harder than before. There is no question, that difference is an absolute necessity to achieving success when it counts.

various sports pitches
how we work
Step one: consultation

Talk to one of our in house engineers and discover our vast range of products and surfaces to fit your needs. From pitch surfaces, ball stop fencing systems, flood lighting systems & retaining walls to car parks & traffic managements systems, we ensure our Clients investment is in safe hand & all installed to BS & EN Building Standards.

consultation process
how we work
Step Two: Design

We will provide conceptual design, technical drawings, complete a topographical survey of the proposed site and generate a three-dimensional visualisation. Our in house engineers will complete an in-house topographical survey to offer the best value for money with an accurate, complete bill of quantities. This ensures the best designs, reducing unnecessary work.

construction of sports site
how we work
Step Three: Construction

When project is agreed, our engineers accurately mark out the site before to create an efficient construction process. Our plant list that is worth £1,000,000 with D6 dozers, Track machines ranging from 6Ton to 22Ton, dump trucks ranging from 5ton to 27ton, graders, tipping lorries, and many other specialist machines.

how we work
Step four: ancilliries

At Tony Patterson Sportsgrounds, we pride ourselves on being the complete contractor. From ball stop fencing systems, flood lighting systems & retaining walls to car parks & traffic managements systems, we ensure our Clients investment is in safe hand & all installed to BS & EN Building Standards.

Lighting for pitches


Cardif Blues

We were delighted with the quality control throughout the installation, as construction was continually tested as work progressed and results fed back to us. We thank them for their efforts and professionalism throughout the project and ongoing support. We would recommend TPS to any other club or organisation looking to undertake a similar project.

Hockey Ireland

Tony Patterson Sports Grounds specialise in building FIH Approved Hockey fields and have a proven ability to construct fields to the standards the game requires. They have appropriate in-house civil engineering expertise for the design and construction, operate quality management systems to ensure consistency in their work and provide comprehensive maintenance advice to their customers.

Hamilton fc

We left no stone unturned in our drive to bring the best Sports Facilities Contractor to Hamilton Academical Football Club. The work here at our stadium is testament to their hard works and quality of installation. I would highly recommend Tony Patterson Sports Grounds to anyone requiring a high-quality sports facility.

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Every time you train, you need to push harder than you did the day before. Your pitch should push back. Take 5 and join us for a coffee and FREE Consultation. Chat to one of our sports engineers and discover what opportunities are available for you and your team. Transform your pitch and provide your athletes with a playing surface which is always up to the test.

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