Is cheaper always more cost effective?

When undertaking a project it is important to consider the whole-life cycle cost analysis. We believe in providing state of the art surfaces which are engineered to stand up to whatever your atheletes throw at it. 

When you consider a surface over time it becomes obvious that quality generates longevity. Our exceptional quality of workmanship is underlined when our pitches pass world governing body tests time after time and year after year. This is evidenced when other pitches in identical circumstances are replaced long before a TPS pitch. TPS's many awards, Including the prestigious SAPCA awards in 2021, along with multiple ALCI awards are also testament to the quality of our builds.

Hockey pitch surface

Financial plans to help you succeed on the field and on budget.

Not only do we plan, engineer and construct but we can also help you to finance your project by offering
conventional loans, operating lease agreements, and asset finance.

Investing in an improved sportsground can pay dividends. A new facility can generate new revenue streams and give you more income options. Part of our commitment to longevity comes from the Invest / Generate Income / Re-Invest model allowing you to re-invest these new profits back into your facility. If you'd like advice or further information on finance options please click on the link below.

Future proof your investment

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